The Adam Goodes Affair: Modern-Day Analog of the Catholic Church

One feels a sense of satisfaction when his view of things transpires like clockwork. I felt such a satisfaction last week, when my view of Australia as a modern day analog of the Catholic Church played out — first on the football field, and then in the papers and on the television, and, finally, making an explosive encore on talk-back radio, what was to be its final showing.

Of course, I am talking about One Adam Goodes, the Football player who suffered the humiliation of being called an ape.

I try to live by the mantra : “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Adherence to said mantra  keeps me, at least most of the time, out of trouble. But as my reader knows: we are human. An outburst, from time to time, is inevitable. One such outburst was that of an unnamed ,thirteen-year old girl.

For calling Goodes an Ape, the unnamed thirteenth year-old girl was humiliated before all in attendance at the packed stadium. Her jaw dropped to the ground, and her face turned a sickly pale. This is what a public shaming looks like. Yellow-jacketed authorities then carted her out of the stadium. Her family looked on with horror.

Does this ring any bells? It should; we learnt about this years seven through nine: the world was once a dark, dark place. Where new ideas were oppressed, public discourse was  tightly controlled, and individuals who dared express an anathematic position were publicly shamed, subject to correctional facilities,  and, if failing that, ostracized or put to death.

Our history books depart form this grim view of the past by explaining how liberalism, with its  devotion to freedom of expression,separation of church and state, and ‘melting pot of ideas,’ lifted man and society out of his dirty, unenlightened hole, and thus brought man into the modern age,  where we know (because science tell us so) that liberalism is correct and the only correct worldview.

We need not concern ourselves with the validity of the above characterisation of history. All that matters for the purpose of this post is that Liberals (or left-wingers) believe it. For, if this is what Liberalism preaches, then the adage ‘history repeats itself’ is true now and will be true for a long time to come.

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