The myth of Jewish Bolshevism

It goes without saying among most right-wingers that the Bolshevik party was predominately Jewish. I believed it too.  But this is far from the truth. The myth originated independently in different circles throughout the 20th century — most notably Nazi Germany. The only attempt, however, at a scholarly foundation for the claim was made by Robert Wilton, a journalist and writer for the Times of London.

Mr. Wilton tabulated in his ‘the last days of the romanovs’ the membership of key Bolshevik committees and Agencies in the Soviet Union. By Mr. Wilton’s reckoning, at least 80-85% of the the membership was Jewish.

I found Mr. Wilton’s  tables online and began googling. Most of the names in the tables presented by Mr. Wilton are completely made up! In other words, it’s all one big lie. Most troubling is that many right-wing websites like David Duke’s and Rense cite Mr. Wilton.

Furthermore, the tables presented by Mr. Wilton contradict other tables that exist on the internet. And per these other tables, the Jewish membership of key agencies and committees hardly reaches 10%!

Thus the idea that jews were predominately involved in Bolshevik affairs is not true.  I feel that the right will not make any intellectual or political progress until it reconsiders its beliefs on Jews.

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