Who deserves health-care?

If you ask most Libertarians or Classical Liberals the answer to ‘who deserves health-care’, the answer is ‘those who can afford it.’ Under such a system, people will literally die in the streets and in their homes because they cannot afford the cost of the treatment and the other costs associated with treatment (which are many and often overlooked).

The problem with this libertarian/classical liberal justification of free-market health-care is that it puts money and wealth on a pedestal. In this free-market society, the meaning of life — and the only way to life — is the acquisition of money. Individualism.

Of course, no one believes this, save a few crack-pots at Mises.org. Take as an example the Department of Veterans Affairs. One of the many functions of this government agency is to provide health care for veterans of war. Military service is by no means lucrative; despite that, I believe that military service — serving one’s country at the risk of one’s own life — is of higher virtue than acquiring personal wealth. The man who serves his country has earned his health-care, more so than the man who acquires wealth for himself.

I am not alone in that belief. As I said in my previous paragraph, no one wants to deny military veterans their health-care. I would, however, take it further. One can serve his country in more than just a military role. Surely these men and women, though not in lucrative jobs, are still just as deserving of health-care than the man who acquires wealth for himself. Under a pro-white and racially conscious zeitgeist, national service will be of higher virtue than individualism — which most often and most perversely manifests itself in the cut-throat rat race and 9-5 acquisition of wealth.

I believe in socialism. National socialism, in essence. That name, unfortunately , is tainted by the Hitler regime. We must think up a better one.

BTW, ‘That name, unfortunately , is tainted by the Hitler regime.’ was not meant as a disavowal of Hitler. He was a great man. That said, he is tainted and his views on Jews are perverse, immoral and empirically wrong.

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