CJ Ciaramella is a bigoted classist

A meme that floats around is that people on the far right (white nationalists in particular) are not well educated, poor and dress badly. This is mostly correct; and opponents of the far-right will never let you forget it. Indeed, of all the article I’ve seen in the mainstream press about the alt-right, the theme of attire, and how shocking it is that these alt-righters wear suits(!), has been most prominent.

“SOME WELL-DRESSED WHITE NATIONALISTS GATHERED IN DC LAST WEEKEND” was the title that CJ Ciaramella gave to his haughty piece at Vice. The phrasing of the title evokes images of country club republicans mocking the seedy attire of occupy-wall street types and millennial leftists in general. Such a critique would be dismissed as classist by the left, yet here they are, doing exactly that which they dismiss as classist, to the far-right.

What ties the country club republicans and leftist journalists like CJ Ciaramella together is the power they hold in society — manifest in their relative wealth, their education and the respect that their political positions accrue them.

We really are disenfranchised in society; we know this because the leftists mock our poverty, out lack of education and pariah-status. The difference between our disenfranchisement and the disenfranchisement of minorities and occupy-wall street types is that we don’t trade in ‘slave morality.’ We rise above it.

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